iConsultOMS® v3 for iPad

New Features Include:

  • Over one hundred new educational animations and slides
  • Integrated OMSNIC informed consent videos
  • Custom or preinstalled OMSNIC consent forms
  • New technology that secures the patient’s electronic signature
  • Custom digital forms and consult notes
  • Medical voice dictation and note taking
  • Patient portal for secure viewing of personalized treatment plan
  • Bi-directional integration with leading OMS Practice Management Software

iConsultOMS® v3 for iPad

An Abundance of New Clinical Illustrations and Animations

Tap the presentation button in iConsultOMS® and reveal an abundance of clinical content for you to accurately describe any oral surgery related procedure.

iConsultOMS® makes it easy to present complex concepts in simple ways. Forget about the paper – draw directly on any image or create one from scratch.

From mesial impactions to dental implants, iConsultOMS® enhances your production by facilitating treatment planning with clinical impact.

iConsultOMS® v3.0 includes over 100 new clinical animations and slides.

iConsultOMS® v3 for iPad

New Secured Digital Signature Technology

With version 3.0, it’s now incredibly fast and easy to capture a patient’s signature on any informed consent and treatment document.

With a push of a button, signatures are captured, dated and secured. iConsultOMS® tracks all required signatures and reports back any incomplete documents.

iConsultOMS® v3 for iPad

Video Informed Consent

iConsultOMS® v3.0 now includes all of the PBHS-OMSNIC informed consent videos which describe the surgical process in a simple and comprehensive manner.

All interactions and exchange of information between iConsultOMS® and the patient are permanently documented. Verification of video completion via the patient’s digital signature is required.

Unlike traditional methods of physician-patient communications, iConsultOMS® provides indisputable proof of the patient’s viewing and learning process.

iConsultOMS® v3 for iPad

Medical Voice Dictation and Note Taking

With any third generation iPad, iConsultOMS® makes portable, accurate, medical dictation a reality.

For clinical documentation on the go, oral surgeons can dictate notes directly into iConsultOMS®. Notes are automatically transformed from voice into text and become part of the patient’s consultation record.

iConsultOMS® v3 for iPad

Integration with Practice Management Software

With iConsultOMS® v3.0, the entire consultation, including all images, documents, informed consents, forms, notes, diagrams, and audio files are automatically synced and integrated within your patient’s account. Ask your practice management software company about integration services with iConsultOMS® OMS.

iConsultOMS® v3.0 has been updated to work independently of your network connection.

If there are areas in your office that have no WIFI connectivity, iConsultOMS® continues to function and stores information without a hitch. Once a network signal is available, iConsultOMS® will automatically sync your data.

With it’s advanced enterprise design, breakthrough technology, and amazing built-in functionality, iConsultOMS® v3.0 enhances the way you consult. iConsultOMS® v3.0 will be released at AAOMS 2012.

The future of Oral Surgery... today.